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Save Time

ClearAlignment saves professors time by facilitating their understanding of pedagogically-sound online instructional strategies and methods. ClearAlignment produces a CourseMap that provides the professor with viable templates for quality online or blended courses. The CourseMap further reduces the time professor need to spend on course conversion and updates.

A truly valuable course should do more than provide students with a strong background of knowledge in a field. It should:

  • Focus beyond the final exam to add to students’ futures, abilities, and skill sets.
  • Prepare students to think for themselves in the discipline upon completion.
  • Enable students to use their background and prior knowledge to solve problems.

Designing such a course is a challenge that involves providing students opportunities to practice thinking for themselves in the discipline so that they will be prepared to do so after completing your course.

With ClearAlignment’s CourseMap, you start with a course plan that organizes learning objectives, activities, and assessments. Professors comment that our course design process helped them develop rigorous, effective, and innovative courses and to make thoughtful choices about what and how to teach.

Promote Student Completion

Student success and completion does not arise by chance. It is the result of intentional, structured, and proactive institutional and individual actions that shape the learning environment students find themselves in. Effective learning environments start with the course design. You will find that using ClearAlignment’s CourseMap improves student success and timely completion.

Streamline Communication

Your online presence is one of the most important aspects of course delivery. It consists of the relationships built with and among students to create a learning environment, your role as instructional guide, and the personality traits and interests you share. Creating that presence is an intentional process that includes establishing boundaries so you don’t exhaust yourself.

With CourseAdvisory services, we help you with elements of course design that contribute directly to effective course delivery, such as instructional strategies, benefits rubrics, and coaching.

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