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Scale Program Design

Streamlining the course design process saves university departments money because with a lower cost and faster course design they can scale the growth of their online programs, thereby increasing revenue streams.When instructors produce their own elearning course it makes achieving consistency in design and delivery difficult. This production model is common at many universities, but it’s not very effective in terms of time and quality.

CourseAdvisory services help professors with effective ways to structure and deliver the content so that students can get the most from it and interact naturally with it.

CourseMap models Quality Matters standards for instructional design, adult learning principles, and the influence of the external course review.

Track Performance Metrics

University performance measurements assess education quality and program strength. These measurements, or metrics, can be both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative metrics are relatively simple to measure and useful in straightforward circumstances like assessing incoming state research funding.

However, it can be difficult to extrapolate quality improvements from quantity growth. Increasing numbers of graduates and decreasing years to graduation are usually a sign of improvements in student advising and course availability, but they could also be an indication of declining coursework rigor. SuccessMetrics offers you a customized platform of the metrics you want to track.

Align Programs & Standards

Faculty sometimes find themselves focused on their own courses with a bit less awareness of the program at large or the regional/specialized standards. ClearAlignment’s CourseMaps makes these standards and goals transparent and aligned to course activities and assessments. This transparency helps you achieve consistency, conformity, and agreement among the courses and reinforce program goals. A CourseMap answers the questions of where, how often, and to what degree specific content is presented to students.

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